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Commercial Institute is now offering all its courses (including the new 2014-2015 Legal, Ethics and Broker Responsibility courses through our sister school, Absolute Continuing Education. has the same:

  • Great courses
  • Great pricing
  • Committed Texas owners, and
  • Course delivery options.

Please click here to see our MCE course offerings.

Returning Customers: By now you realize that TREC has expired the 2012-2013 versions of the Legal and Ethics courses

Please call Elliott or Michelle at 800-833-1884 to get you signed up for the new, replacement courses. There is no charge for this.

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How to Order Not Sure What You Need?
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MCE Packages Meeting TREC's Full 15-Hour Requirements

Please check a box below to select one of our Texas MCE course packages. Each package satisfies TREC's entire 15-hour renewal requirement, including legal and ethics -- and you save at least $50.

Note: If you just need one or two individual courses like TREC Legal, please see the "Individual Courses" heading below.

If you need the Broker Responsibility course please visit our sister school

Click Package Name for Details Price Pkg
Buyer's Due Diligence Package 149 $99
Lease Negotiator's Package 149 $99
How to Grow Your Real Estate Practice 149 $99
Opportunities in Farm and Ranch Properties 149 $99
The Tenant Representation Business Package 170 $99
The Next Big Thing: TIC 1031-Exchanges 149 $99
Strategies to Get More Clients 149 $99
Professional Pointers (Time Management for Brokers) 149 $99
Professional Pointers (Personal Development) 149 $99
Professional Pointers (Goal Setting & Delegation) 155 $99
Transitional Broker's Package 170 $99
Using the IRA to Invest in Real Estate 149 $99
Home Owners Assn. Management Opportunity 149 $99
Hassle Free Property Management [Expires 8/30/15] 149 $99
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Individual Courses

Select individual MCE courses from the list below if you don't need one of our full 15-hour MCE course packages.

Click Course Name for Details Hrs Fee
A Formula for Success in Tenant Representation 6 50
Introduction to the Tenant Representation Business 6 50
Proven Strategies to Grow Your Real Estate Practice 9 79
How Commercial and Residential Real Estate Differ 6 50
How to Become a Smart Negotiator 6 50
How to Delegate Your Way to Success 3 35
Goal Setting Greatness is Your Right 6 50
The Ultimate Time Management Course 9 79
Making Wise Investments with Due Diligence 9 79
Personal Development Strategies of Top Producers 9 79
Proven Marketing Strategies to Get More Clients 9 79
Using the IRA to Invest in Real Estate 9 79
Home Owners Assn. Management Opportunity 9 79
Hassle Free Property Management [Expires 8/30/15] 9 79
Opportunities in Farm and Ranch Properties 9 79
The Next Really Big Thing? The TIC 1031-Exchange 9 79
How to Successfully Negotiate The Commercial Lease 9 79
TREC Mandatory Legal Update 2012 + 3 35
TREC Mandatory Ethics Update 2012 + 3 35
+ Contains Legal Hours Want Residential Courses?

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